Frequently Asked Questions


With our mobile SDKs, you will be able to build all sorts of geopositioned Android&iOS apps. Guide airport passengers to their gateway, show geopositioned advertisements when the visitors of a mall pass by a certain store, show rich multimedia information to your users nearby a piece of art in a museum, and a lot more.
REST APIs provide you with the ability to consume all the information generated in your venues. You will be able to receive historic and real time locations of all your users. In addition, you will be able to consume all the data associated with your buildings using HTTP calls: floorplans, points of interest, geopositioned events, navigation routes, etc. This will allow you to build web&desktop applications based on our location service, and even integrate our technology with legacy and 3rd party systems.
Yes. You can create your account in our dashboard. After that, just go to the Section Apps and create your API Key. With this account and API Key, you will be able to use our mobile SDKs and REST APIs.
The SDK connects with our location servers to send them the phone's sensor data and receive the corresponding indoor locations. As a developer, you will only need to implement an event callback to receive the phone’s locations.
Of course! In case there is no internet connection, Situm SDK will switch to "in-phone computing", which means that all the positions will be computed in the phone itself without the need of sending data to the servers. This behaviour is totally configurable by the developer.
Yes. Situm can map any place outdoors, as long as WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy or magnetic signals are received in these places.
The SDK uses the following sensors: WiFI, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope.
No. Our SDK can work without the information provided by the gyroscope. However, in this case your app might experience a slight accuracy decrease.
No. Our SDK can work without the information provided by the magnetometer. However, in this case your app might experience a slight accuracy decrease.
Situm positioning system takes a few seconds to get the first position fixed, in the mean time, we encourage you to walk in order to make the process faster. The LocationRequest method provides the CALCULATING status which tells whether the location is confident or not.

Situm Android SDK

It's very easy. Just follow this tutorial and you will be able to develop your first app.
No, Situm only works with Android 16 and above.
Make sure you have followed all the instructions in our tutorial. You can also send us a message through this contact form, describing as best as possible your problem. The more information you give us, the more we can help you!
Yes. We have developed a Cordova plugin that can be used in most web frameworks (Ionic, Phonegap). More information on Situm Cordova Plugin.
Would you like us to support these or any other additional framework? Contact us, we'd love to hear about your project!


The REST API allows you to consume associated with the venues in your account. This includes, on the one hand, data that you have previously uploaded in our dashboard, such as floorplans, points of interest, geopositioned events, or navigation routes. In addition, you will be able to retrieve the real-time and historic locations of your users.
The REST API allows you to retrieve information using HTTPS calls.
Of course! You can build any piece of software based on the information provided by our API.
Yes. In addition to building your own software on top of our API, it is extremely easy to integrate this information into 3rd party or legacy web & desktop apps, such as ERPs, Business Analytics tools, etc.