Cordova SDK

What is the Situm Cordova SDK?

Situm Cordova SDK is a set of utilities that allow any developer to build Cordova location based apps using Situm's indoor positioning system. Among many other capabilities, apps developed with Situm Cordova SDK will be able to:

  • Obtain information related to buildings where Situm's positioning system is already configured: floorplans, points of interest, geotriggered events, etc.
  • Retrieve the location of the smartphone inside these buildings (position, orientation, and floor where the smartphone is).
  • Compute a route from a point A (e.g. where the smartphone is) to a point B (e.g. any point of interest within the building).
  • Trigger notifications when the user enters a certain area.

Minimum requirements

  • iOS 8 or superior
  • Android SDK minimum requirements
  • iOS SDK minimum requirements